Poem 27

Duct tape has so many uses
its so strong

We can bind a camera to the handlebars of our bike
We can tape the cover of a trampoline

Someone once asked the question
How is duct tape like 'the force'? to which they answered
you have a light side, you have a dark side
and you bind the universe together

Someone once told me I have a lyric command
of the english language

I vowed then and there, that I would write a poem
about duct tape
And as I penned these final lines
the wind whipped through the trees
the rain came down in sheets
And I finally retired
my pirates of the carribean magic eight ball
You know, the one with the head of a skeleton
The one that I got at McDonald's
About three years ago
Yes. I gave it a proper burial
I just chucked into the trash.
Magic and all.

I stopped writing this poem, and took a drink of water
And wondered..
Can anyone really write a poem
about duct tape?

I remembered you could make a wallet out of duct tape
I scratched my throat
I stuck my tongue in cheek
just kind of pressing against my teeth
Never once thought of you
or really, the rain
or whether or not I really could
I just focussed on duct tape
Not duck tape
And I remembered the last time you and I ...
wait this is a family show

Silver. And strong
and whether or not it felt so right
that it might be so wrong
And then I closed my eyes
well, not really - my eyes were still open
but I wrote that so you could shut off the internal dialog
and visualize
beautiful soul music
and a roll
of silvery goodness