Across the Universe

I saw Mr. Kite jump through a hogshead of real fire. Now I can die happy.

As I booted 'Across the Universe', I was actually kind of tired from another long run + for some reason while Bono Hewson (oh, wait, I mean Dr. Robert) was singing I am the walrus, my kitten went up to me and started licking me. I suddenly felt this incredible sense of bliss. The little fucker climbed up onto my shoulder and fell asleep. It only got better from there.

A film should wire you up, sort of like a ritual - if its done right. Whatever we're doing - (sexual, religious, recreational) if whatever gets taken out of us, doesn't either put something back in - doesn't help us to grow. Normally things like this make you keen. In this case, even more so.

Across the Universe is a film that explores a simple theme of a series of cascading stories based on Beatles songs - but done with a visual and epic sound flair that accents the medium and carries the film well. It is a love story.

The Beatles got their start in Hamburg, tightening their rhythm and sound - basically spending the majority of the night shouting obscenities at the crowd, who, unable to understand either the liverpool accent, or the language - would respond by shouting "Makshau" - German for "Make Show". Paul would rip off "You're all a bunch of Fucking Nazis". And they would hit another set.

So it is fitting that the timeframe of the film is set in the 60's, a time in which America tried, and failed, to say "Fuck You" to the American Military Industrial Complex. Perhaps we do not choose the time in which we are born.

But we can choose what we watch. Go get this film. The acid test of all my films, is if it could be watched twice. This one can be watched in whole or in part. As many times as you would like to listen to the Beatles. Which, for me, is about 6,543,789 times.

Thank you, to a certain person who referred me to see this film. I wouldn't have, otherwise - Thursday it was just there, at the library. I had never seen it before. I picked it up. Beautiful film, from a beautiful person. :-)