Transcript of a Conversation

Her: From now on, financially - dont say you are sitting on a pile of money - you'll not give any more money. You'll not think I have a pile of money. You'll not be dishonest. And you'll treat people the right way. I have intelligent, and I'll do right. Do not think "I am the only intelligent person in the world and all the others are stupid."

Me: What are your plans to stay in India? How long do you, personally want to stay ?

Her: Not ask. Not criticizing. Blog is your life.

Me: I was just writing down what you were saying, (expletive deleteD)

Her: Bye! (hangs up)

Waits 5 minutes, then calls back, deeply apologetic. She is victorian. No cussing.

Her: Do you use that term with your mom? Why use that term with me? Did you buy a slave, with me? Its not today, you're doing that forever. In front of kids too. Don't do that anymore. My mother used to fundraise and give blankets to poor people in the hospital.

Her: You've been showing bad movies to my daughter since she was three, and you've been fighting with me about it.

Her: Try to do a self talk.

Me: Ok. How do I do a self talk?

Her: Try to see. Don't ask me anything anymore. Try to see what went wrong there. Is it only me, or was it you also

Me: It was me also, I shouldn't said what I said. Sorry.

Long silence.

Her: So .. we will both work to get the kids. And we will both help each other.

Me: Agree.

[Phone cuts out.]

Her: So do you want to come with them? (she is referring to taking kids out of school and my accompanying them on a flight to India)

Me: I want to, but I can't. So. No I can't go. (provides details of work schedule for next month)

Her: Are you going to use licenses? Don't help them to be dishonest. Don't help them to break licenses. I will make them get a 40 million dollar fine if they do. Whenever anyone is dishonest, someone gets hurt. You know this - you played simulation game. Corruption always destroys.

Me: Thats true.

Her: (A colleague) is coming back and forth, the kids can come here. - Do you know when Janmashtami - I - no. Her 13th august.

Her: So do you want to come here.

Me: No, I can't come. I want to, but I can't.

[Phone cuts out.]

Me: So, what do you want to do - can you let the kids stay out of the picture for a second? What is your personal goal here (acknowledges she is seeking dual citizenship)

Her: I told you before, would you want the kids. People ask me all the time, they can understand - why can't you? I want the kids to be here.

Me: (puts head on desk)

Her: So now you can say that, (friend) is coming back and forth. Can you come, if I ask you today. (friend) is coming back and forth. he can accompany them. Its not a big deal. I'm a human being. Hes a human being. He can accompany my daughter. Can you do that?

Me: I was going to ask again.. please.. what do you want to do, please just leaving the kids out of the picture for a second..?

Her: I am not going to answer. Even if you sit on a pile of're still not happy?

Her: (doesn't let me ask the question) ... do you think your wife needs to eat? I will not answer. (is near to tears) (service disconnects)

Phone Service cannot reconnect.