Let me tell you about the camera..

.. that girds the flame in my loins.

I am going name her Scarlet. when I get her? I know she's just a ... I'm sorry I can't say it. Colorless reader, would you look differently upon me if I told you that... I want to have .. um.. a relationship... with a battery powered electrical device?

I have already told my mom I met the woman who changed my life. You may see a camera. I see... long walks on the beach at sunset. "Scarlet" and I , drinking together at the soda shoppe (woops scarlet, is that a spot on you? let me clean that off.) I hear.. the song... "If you like Pina Coladas" ...

Is it so wrong, I ask you?


Thinker Me said…
Este es un obsequio para ti, mira la foto de hoy (7/13/09) - Si caballo.

Thinker Me said…
Intense happy blue.