Once A Punk

Ah suburbia gives you so many options
go get drunk
play strategy games
go to the pool
and admire that chicks tattoos
you know, the pixie
and x marks the spot right between her tits

Why not live the good life, hang out with neighbors?
Hear their voice and nod your head
Completely ignore them. Isn't that sad?
Hey. I do it as well. Whatever

Once a punk
Always a punk

Maybe if you push yourself hard enough
mile ten or so
it will be like moshing
you can play games
'close your left eye five miles'
pretend your blind again
like you did with your girlfriend
making it home
with your right eye strong
to fall asleep on the grass
look at the stars
smell the fresh air
and wallow in your filth
and listen to the sound
Of the nightfall

Maybe tomorrow
get to the office early enough
to go hang up on the telemarketers

And for a change be nothing
the nothing that I am
the nothing that you are

Nice to meet you, Mr. Lawyer.
I think I met your girlfriend on Craigslist

Once a Punk..?