About a Girl

There was a girl
who made worlds
when she smiled
the eyes of a child
flashed through her work
tearing apart toner cartridges
on the side of the road
near a small home
in india

There was a man
who kidnapped girls
poured kerosene upon her
and lit her on fire
until her small arm fused to her side
then sent her to the Haaj
to beg for money
holding a bunny
by the side of the road
to Mecca

We raised enough to operate
enough to separate
her arm from her scarred chest

Because of a man
who helped orphans
his eyes and his hands
fought back the dark
and lifted her song above the pall
building a small school
where she could go
in india

Here is our problem
Is thirteen

the same men are coming
and they will find her
this time to do far worse
they have 12 million of her sisters
no longer pitiful
and the schools we built, she can no longer stay

This time the mutilators
whats between her legs
feeding dark men in red light districts
who are paying top dollar
for a scarred virgin
to dance with them
and allow them
to touch her dark
curly hair

A true story =)