Lets do...

One night one of my friends said. Lets go do crimes. I said. No.

When he came back, he figured out what was going on with his girlfriend and I. I didn't have to tell him. He just turned to me and said..

Keep her.

I did.

She and I figured out that our souls were kind of like patchwork quilts. She wanted to cut a few pieces out and see. Kink goes on.

She got arrested, and somehow I didn't. They thought I was stable. Maybe I was.

Today I taught my daughter about IM. I said. Slow it down. Make them make a statement they can back up. They're not real. Neither are you. Learn.

Then I put her on computer restriction. She doesn't care she's going down to the islands tomorrow.

Yesterday a business partner of mine I have been working with for 12 years accused me of armed robbery. Pretty good way to start off a monday, wouldn't you think ?

I actually prevented from being a disaster because I was working in his building at 4 am. I happened to be the only one in the building, so I could see his logic.

My response was to give the detective my cellphone number and made sure they dusted for prints. They won't find mine. The people who stole from the building couldn't figure out the difference between a compact brainscanner (don't even ask) and a laptop.

Its that whole. Laptop. Complex medical equipment thing, you know? I guess he thinks I'm still trying to get that one down.