The lamb and the foal

Quietly Passing their time
in the garden and grassland away
subjects in line with a bite on the hind
running them down or bleating in kind

The horse travelled far to meet the sheep on the hill
and walked up to her door
then quietly walked away

Sheep smiled seeing him go
she watched him from the porch
then went about her day

Sort of like those two girls that kiss in a nightclub
and make all the guys go

And by his force of nature Eros and philos are kept apart
Just another day, a horse to fleece the flock
and an old white sheep galloping away in the meadow
to feel each precise gift
bending from morning to night
and night again to day
to live second by second this far
is good enough for him
after all he deals in quiet gestures
and pressure

The horse returned to the garden
and the sheep to her hill
both to be surround by their loyal
subjects and friends

For horse there are those who ride him
and from whom pressure makes quiet his mind
For sheep her fleece taken
one day be clothes of design
leading both in circle or rein
to silent waters by

the sheep
thinks a thought
the horse
dreams colorless

singing one goes east
and one goes west
both from the same winds blown

tis the setting of the sail
and not the gale
that tell us the way to go

So horse says to sheep
as his cellphone dies

its time
to say good night
the sun turns out his light

and sheep replies

nights weekends are free
close your eyes
I'll close mine

They are in no hurry
There is Space enough
and time enough

We look up to the sky
And see
The turn of a friendly card