Mary's Tale

Lord Ganesh is the remover of all obstacles
born at a moment where his head itself would be torn off
he finds a baby elephant
and lives

There is no problem in business big money can't solve
no barrier to wealth or shares or the love of a child
no reason we cannot stay or go
worship by the light

We take her toe and lead her around the fire
as the sun also rises
to take control

At the end of the ritual - we both reach for something that looks
kind of like a spitball
whoever gets it
gets to be boss

We should be able to live a graceful life that is full of mutual love and warmth.
Our sentiments should be auspicious.
We should be able to see for a hundred years, live a healthy life of a hundred years
and listen the music of spring for a hundred years.
Te santu jard—istayah sampriyau royisnu sumansyamanau
Pasyema sharadah shatam jivema sharadah shatam shrunuyam shardah shatam

And then we pay him
A wealthy young man
and a wealthy young woman
Ganesh smile upon them

In meditation
In aesthetic
In the unpredictable

History has shown
The way of the tyrant has fallen to love

Think of it. Always.