Distributed Denial of Service

Wikileaks is trying, today, to publish a large cache of documents that outline American foreign policy. This policy is resultant from ten years of gradual shift of control of American institutions to Corporations. In 2010, Corporations have unprecedented control of American institutions. It is likely that the revelations contained within these documents will contain an incredible array of information relating to this recent effect - and it will likely uncover a large proportion of American foreign policy in such a manner as to allow an American citizen , for the first time in nearly 30 years - to determine if he or she agrees.

Most American News organizations have drifted into News Media entertainment - it is a profitable thing. Seeing , this weekend - on a journey to a small town - the presence of the nonstop ticker parade and the 24 hour news cycle passed off as a kind of endless entertainment - suitable for dealing with fast food lines, waiting in line at amusement parks - and the televisionary substitute for what passes as access to the outside world - to the shut-in, or lazy - has opened my mind to the extent of misinformation and disinformation available to the American public - that has been passed off as actual news.

That said, I do not know the content of the WikiLeaks documents - primarily because today, the entire site is undergoing something called a Distributed Denial of Service attack. This is an attack launched by several computers - which aims to shut down the wikileaks.org website. Click here to see if it is up yet. And if it is, make a copy of whatever documents you can access - while you can access them.

As an American citizen, I don't feel necessarily good about WikiLeaks focussing their efforts on our country and blowing the lid off our state security. But at the same time, I support free speech. The 600 percent rise in classification of documents - under the Bush Administration - has to be met somehow - with a counterbalance to allow us to know exactly how our country is being operated. If and when we realize that , like the past election of 2010 - there are explicit interests controlling our policies - and for which do not have the best interests of our country at stake - then we, as voters, are going to be able to make better decisions.

Keep trying to get in. But more importantly, do as much as you can to help find who is trying to keep you out. It may be apparent by now that someone is trying to muzzle Julian Assange, and the wikileaks website. And it may very well be the people you elected to try to defend your free speech.

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Anonymous said…
The focus on the leaks, today, as some kind of criminal act - I think misses the point. There's alot of hub bub about you know, charges against wikileaks, etc... but what if this were, say, the country of myanmar?

I got in fine today. I noticed the website has moved to a special host just for that content. I for one would like to see a really good search tool on wikileaks...

good article.