A Monday

It started off in the dark
with a phone call
and a remote login

After the telecommute
I had to head north of town
to take care of an internet connection
I wasn't paid

I drove back
and my cellphone died
so I passed the time, on the almost forty minute drive
in silence

The place where my horse stays
left me an email that said
my lease is dead
painting the day in shades of malaise
and candy apple grey

And when I finally made it into my office
I became the uncompensated
led by the unknowing
to do the impossible
in half the time
as we did before
with twice the staff

I ate sandwiches in the car
and listend to stories
of Egypt


In the desert sand

And raced home to pick up my daughter
for her orthodontists appointment
I looked up
and the sky had turned grey
the sun was a pale disk
and when I got home
I logged on
and went to work again