Sold the Horse!

Alright here's the deal. I really got the stablemaster miffed at me for what looked to be a really innocuous wrongdoing. There were three bales of hay there in the barn and I normally keep my hay up there out of the way in the loft.

I had been stacking my hay in a small red woodshed in the upper paddock so my mare can have breakfast up there without me dragging bales all over the world.

Well. I had stacked quite a few there, and a few in my tack room and I had three left over. Now, I had bought 10 bales of hay for a friend and sold it to them in their hay room and they were fine with me stacking my hay there and that was the plan. But it was a shared room, actually the people were co-op on that room and as things stood I was not cleared to stack three small bales of hay in that room by the other two there. Actually one of them was the mayor.

So the guy complained. He's a dude thats about sixty and has a wife of about 30 and thats just the kind of guy he is. I'm not that impressed with him, to tell the truth. But there you have it. Oh, he's got the tattoos and the motorcycle and the big muscles. To be sure. But I am quick. and much more ruthless. It was going to come down to that.

Now, there is nothing more pathetic than a 50 cent prostitute. This guy goes on and on about how bad it is for three (count them) bales of hay in his room to be there and how if there are any stolen that he will come lookin' to me and so one and so on. And I just tell him what I said here. I would not rip you off for 5.00. Honestly. I am not a thief.

Another thing that has been weighing on my mind is the fact that the horse will generate medical bills, and they will be expensive. Upwards of 4,000.00 for my friend. For one horse. In one season. So. In my minds eye, the stable master was comin' to me and say'in that he'd throw me out. And I just thought. Somewhere deep.

Pleease don't throw me in the Briar Patch. Now I am going to go break this 100 I have here on my desk befure I go do the deal, into twenties. And I am going to get 10.00 of it to a girl that helped me. Tip the stablemaster 20.00 .

And the best part? We get to ride that horse. Anytime we want. Because that was part of the deal. She will be a lesson horse. And so my daughter rides her through the week. And I will be damned if my daughter won't be taking lessons on the same horse either. This is going to be good news. And of course, the kids allowance starts back again today. That is going to be their surprise for being good all month long.

Score one more for Dad. Now I have about 2 hours more a day and the load off my mind is immense.. I am out of the horse business for good. Of course, my friend told me this before I got into it all and its been now about a year and a half of fun, but here is what I have learned:

Never put money into anything that eats while you sleep.