Super Tuesday Results

Georgia won by a large percentage, giving Obama 9 delegates. This is significant because right now the race yesterday is so close that every delegate will count. To give you an idea of how close , right now the entire state of california (with, like 400 delegates or something) is coming down to 18 delegates. Those 9 that Obama won here (his margin was way more than 10 percent) really count.

Obama is also winning his home field stronger, and taking more delegates there - He won Illinois by 30 percent - whereas Clinton only won NY by 15 percent. The way that delegates are assigned means that the actual delegate totals will work to Obama's favor.

McCain won the Republican Primary. He will now focus on the General Election although there are some states that he will have to barrel through to get there. Good for him.

California is a big deal right now, as is New Mexico where the two battled hard. Clinton came into California with a big lead and now its looking like she will not come away with the lion's share of delegates although shewon by 10 percent.The way she won is significant. Hillary polled well in big rural areas and the valley- (note to people who lived in California - thats right. ++ the vals ++ voted for Clinton!) - not as highly populated as the areas that Obama won. The way that delegates are awarded she's going to have a close delegate count out of California. In fact, nationally Obama vs. Clinton was just slightly edged in her favor, by fraction of one percent. (think it the popular vote ended up 49.8 to 49.1). The way that the delegates will count - if Obama gets within 20 delegates split out of california - which is to say if the massive electoral prize of California in the end only yields 18 additional delegates to Clinton, then the game will truly be on between them and Obama's slight lead will now trade hands.

This isn't momentum for the Clinton campaign, however, but it is something to be proud of. She lost far too many states that she was supposed to lead + in the end, she is battling Obama much harder than a front runner should. It does however suggest that as goes California, so goes the USA. And the Clinton campaign has shown that they want to grift votes out of every place that they can, for example - trying to shut down Nevada from mobile caucus sites - and getting the states whose delegates were sanctioned away to count even though not everyone was on the ballot.

The only things that might change it are the two rapidly approaching, and unfolding contests in some of the southern states. No rest for the wicked.


M@ said…
Interesting how Clinton won Massachusetts, however, despite the endorsement of Sen. Teddy (Open Borders) Kennedy.