Making a List

This next few days are going to be tricky. I am not exactly focussed right now, if anything a bit de-focussed and missing the marks.

Last night was a good start though. There's something I've always wanted to do, but there was a meeting running in the same room and so finally I just walked into the meeting and started working. I kept in mind that I am not going to worry too much about what people think of me as long as I am getting the job done.

The first step is always with me to make a list and I am putting it off. I am still not sure all of this can be won. But I am going to try.

Go here for something useful. Good clip. She always says the same thing when she posts them "oh, posting clips is lazy blah bla" but wow what a good clip.

And yes, I don't know her. But I've read her a bit. She's one of the ones that sometimes does something cool. IMHO she is only self deprecating because she's insecure about herself and likely surrounded by bozos. Suburbia .. does... things to people. But. Then. Whatever. Don't know her. Kinda sad isn't it.

I am busy making a list. And getting out a calendar. Whats up with you?


M@ said…
I am questioning the liberal paradigm.
Anonymous said…
Stop your junk women thing
Matt. isn't it that most first world citizens mistrust their own government?

Do you think the liberal paradigm makes sense during wartime? Rosie the riveter?
Natacha - I agree. Especially if you've got. like. an Iphone or something and you want to watch something without spam. Putting the h.264 video clips here instead of commercially surfing them out saves time.

yeah, that blog - by some goofy woman - usually says the same thing when she posts a video clip.
"oh, this is the lowest of the blogging low" or something like that and "oh its so lazy" ...

idk it might not be so lazy. ty

my son walked up and said stop writing on your blog.

Anonymous said…
Unfortunately I would be lost without my list and calendar, for my memory is swiss cheese.
Thinker Me said…
I post vids on my blog. Well, I barely started doing so... Stop what? Where?

Post, post, post.