California Five Point Four: There Will Be Blood

I went out one summer to live and work with my Uncle. He was a driven man, kind of like the main character in "There will be blood" .

He lived in Malibu, and we had a house on a hill up there. Alot of hippies. Dry grass on the hill. Eucalyptus trees. A kind of desert environment. Cold at night. I used to sleep outside most of the time. It was kind.

We worked in the film industry for a summer. He was a technical director; a cinematographer. I was pretty much just a standard college age kid, I spent alot of time dressed in black. I worked hard. Ate bagels. Read lots of books between sets.

I remember he said something about California - he said. "I don't care how high you get , the thing about California is that its a democratic state. No matter how high you are... look around... see those hills? That was all earthquake. The land is so young, here. And anyone, high , or low. Can be taken down in an instant. Thats why I love this place".

Yesterday a 5.4 ripped through LA. I have lived through the same. Its a big enough quake to remind me that he was right. Someday, the high and mightly will be laid low. Better to remember to live every day as if its your last.

For my friend Gerald, last week. It was. Letterhead. Government issued photo ID. Transferring a domain from a Dead man. Network solutions is happy as long as the signatures are binding...

I guess you won't be needing these boots anymore..