Ok, this is a true story. I was picking up some engineering schematics from a place that does blueline today - I needed copies for work, and these mothers were like, as big as a table so I dropped them off and then 30 minutes later I got a call that the blue line drawings were ready.

Well, the way you get to this place is , normally you have to drive past it, and then double around the road and drive back to it. There is no access on the side of the road I am coming from (north to south). But, I could park a quarter of a block or so up , and walk over. And I have no real fear of walking, so I decided to do so.

I am walking back with these engineering drawings under my arm and I turned and noticed, tucked out of the way, a personal trainer outfit. And suddenly it struck me.

I said to myself. Dude. You did three Triathlons last year, Two Full Marathons (the ING Georgia and the Atlanta), a Duathlon... It just clicked.

I could do an Ironman. I thought. Wow. That would really be cool. And then I realized, lord. Thats a tough race to train for. And being kind of a bargain hound, I realized - this would be a great place to get a personal trainer. I am about 30 pounds out of BMI and Race Weight to do one of these things. I had a multi-thousand dollar bike that was 2 pounds lighter. I decided I would have to drop 30 pounds. And I would have to train for at least 4 months. From almost the moment I even considered this decision, things started to fall into place.

I still haven't made up my mind. After all, this was a race started by Navy Seals and those guys taught me how to scuba dive. I know what happens when you get into doing anything they set up for you. Hey! Lets throw them in the water in the dark at night, and take off their tanks down at 30 feet. Why not.

But there are other reasons why people run Ironman. I think I might have more than one. A friend from work, told me a story about a kid who asked his dad, if he would run a triathlon with him. His Dad said "Yes". Then , the kid asked his dad if he would run a marathon. His Dad said, "Yes". Then, finally, he asked if he would run an Ironman with him. His Dad said "Yes".

Get a box of tissues ready. Here's the link.