we were circling her
she was young
her light smelled good

I had long since gone black
I wouldn't let anything away
the swarm around me was nice
but I wanted more
and so did my friends

they held her down
I was the first
I entered her
in space
no one can hear you scream
I saw her back arch
I smiled
she was ready for me
she struggled
and tried to pull free

We play rough
Her arms tear apart
I drive deep into her
my friends still had a good hold on her
the superstrings tightened around her shoulder
forged in the hopes and dreeams from
the sleep from which you do not awaken

a cool jet of milky stars shot across her
and then the next
and the next
and she lay there, spent

I walked away saying thanks
she was so stretched out she would never be the same

And her heart
like mine
turned black

She didn't sweat
she glowed

the simple rotation from another dimension
of dominance and submission
And at our feet stars are born
The brightest I swallow whole
Love of the father
for the son

Kajira's dance
for my queen
at my feet

It seems as she touches her necklace
She remembers
The dark garden
The night we first met
Collar about her neck

A lost flower of the dark
And torn light, from light
As strange as a circus clown in a porno film
And again stirs desire
And the stormclouds gather
The dark carnival arrives
A new face
gravitational polyamory
Holding her down for me

Oh be a fine girl

Kiss me