The priest began the sermon
by synchronizing her words on the screen
with japanese animation

A two thousand year old tome
was open on her podium
the future is unwritten

Like the city by the cirque
where the river fundament flowed
and sin flowed into the dark abyss
a new world and a new faith flowered
online bliss

the passengers ask the conductor - what time is this?
where are we going?
As if being online was something that we had to learn

Information storms raged across the horizon
lightning seemed to fill the sky
Why did we have to be there, instead of here?
Can we divide our soul into three equal parts?
Three men visited me that night
They were dressed in black
Each one had a message for me
And then I danced around the home
And I left over the horizon
where we can still understand time
and where how
and why
are two

In my dream I disassembled my weapon
and laid it upon the bunk for inspection
I saw the parts, and vectors
and all of three space before me
like some kind of simple projection

And then time folded
And it was 1757
And it was a pub where
we shared thought
and touch
and smell

Here I am
and here you are
changing the way we think
Maybe we won't escape earth
but we need to understand the world
the Grand Unified Theory
maybe its a hunger
to be able to see in just one more dimension
just enough to be able to understand the third
maybe life
is our way to see the fourth
maybe now we're trying to understand eight dimensions
then again, maybe we're just surfing porn

We understood first, a point
then a line
then two dimensions, and three
and after the second world war

Now we start again, with a point
and then a line
and then online
where each point is a line
coming out of the page
into the eye