The bottom of the barrel dark and sticky
something within telling me all along
it would all settle at last
to the bottom of the lake

Tell me of my fears
and yours

The ones that paralyze
the terror
close your eyes

And tell me of the dark times
Show me the statue
that still stands
of the blessed Virgin

Tell me of the man
or woman
betrayed with a kiss

Watch it all fall
slowly sifting through dark waters
at last to the silt
bane of cave divers
and treasure hunters

And then the sky will burn
down upon the lake
and like so many others
it will disappear

And the gray stones will come
pushed by the ice
to compress to anthracite
the layers of black
and darkest gray


Be. In my heart.
And follow me.
As I travel through time

Can you hear the sound of the ticking clock?
Its hands unwind?

We are in the long run.
And pressure builds
crashing down upon once golden pond
screeching rock against rock

And it all turns clear
that you are the one I want

And upon the neck of a woman
in any light
I am mesmerized
by beauty
that shines like the sun

Even brighter as time goes on


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