Your Brain on Nature

I worked hard today
Played basketball
painted a room vintage yellow

My fingers were covered with spackle

I swept the drive
and worked outside
and felt the sun on my face

I suppose
it is kind of like
taking a walk

Except I raked leaves
and carried boxes

And then locked myself into a room
and painted it
until dark

I took the kids to get Sushi

I was tired and happy
And when everything was quiet
I went Outside*

I looked up to the moon

And nature whispered to me
that somewhere in that same light
I will find you

Did you know that all light from the moon is polarized?

It's true.
And there, I was.
And there are you.

We are in some ways, you and I
the enemy of fear and credulity

It is my faith that gives me something
worth sleeping in
on a Sunday

After writing a poem
to a woman

I have loved my entire life
and I will love when I am gone
But fortunately I love now
A woman very much alive

And I am willing to fight

This is your brain on nature
This is the picture

You and I at Niagra Falls

And at this beautiful place
my thoughts went back to you

I took a picture
so you could see it too.

* Word used under GNU public license from Outside Magazine, published monthly by Mariah Media LLC, 400 Market Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501, Vol. XXXVI Number 12, December 2011