From Nothing

Confession is good for the soul
so much of life as an adult
is built upon the shattered ground
where ee cummings
laid down beside the spring chicken
and the red wheelbarrow
covered with rain

honesty brings us together
and tells us where we stand

The will to fight
can be found
in anything
except of course

Never mistaken for urge to kill

We are walking
from Hell to Higher Ground
that keeps a homeopathic remembrance
of people who died taking their own advice
like Walt Disney, frozen in ice
murmuring in his sleep

So vault across the timeless reach
and smuggle my brain
in a genetically engineered uterus
connect me to computers

and social media
that has no way of becoming
Light from Dark
take me to the blind side

and take the time
to look

at where we are going
and how far we've come

And thank God for women
with heart

who save you and me and everyone else
from the nothing

we have become