Yard Sale

I had a yard sale today, actually got all my stuff in a car and headed over to my moms house and sold there. What a success! There were people buying everything in sight.

I got off to a late start last night, putting out the signs. I decided to put up signage in a consistent, single path from a main road. I didn't set the signs out all over and hope to catch roads; I was going after one direction, that I guessed would be the best direction the yardies would show.

The Hard core yardies got there at 7:30 am, I got up late (7:40) because I got into a big fight with someone last night + ended up fighting until 4:00 am in the morning. I was actually trying to code last night and we got into a dispute about something and all night long we went at it; it was pathetic. Finally we decided to try something called a 'conversation' at the end of it all, and then I fell asleep at the keyboard from the boredom of trying to deal with them. At least I was able put enough on a USB key to be able to carry back off to my workstation and finish the work today.

The yard sale was a smash. It doesn't matter how long the signs are up, it matters how clearly and frequently they point to your place. And the weather was a major factor, it was clear and cool. Everything went for sale. Yay. No more junk in the garage. :D

The thought there is that if you have seven signs or so, don't put them where everyone has to do the perfect thing to follow them and you hit all the main arteries that way. Insted take one good artery and then just guide them in nice and careful.

I missed out on a lot last night; I didn't really have a choice. I was pinned. But tonight. Thats another story.


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