Good Sects

There is this old story about Solomon, how to him complexity seemed play. He cut through problems like a sharp knife. He had a following.

People seem to be able to form groups around those that can lead, they tend to enjoy the idea that they can follow someone else to nirvana. But if you ended up with the wisdom of Solomon, you're on the outside. You have the chance of being picked off by a predator, and they would gladly sacrifice you. Take a look at the record. Caesar. Socrates. the list goes on.

If you are an agent of change you're different. And if you're different, you're expendable. And possibly worth thinking about. A dangerous place to be.

When I was little my dad got a call one day to the E/R. There was a homosexual doctor who had taken Ak47 bullets. His lover and former employer had just gotten his entire group to drink poisoned flavor-aid (not kool-aid).

I remember the day they arrived. The helicopters came in low across the horizon. They were carrying the body of a dead senator, this gay doctor, who turned out to be a very nice guy, and the wounded and surviving members of the Jonestown Guyana cult. A sect known as the People's Temple.

Hatred had to drive those people to do that. Jim Jones was an agent of hatred. He had a unified church. The sects break off and go their own way but whenever there is some seriously bad thing that they would all need to do, hatred can unify them. What the priest class of ancient egypt did to Akhnaten , the pharaoh, was a good example there as well. He was a just leader, and he had the nerve to try to unify everyone under one god - his image and identity were obliterated by the priest class, all different sects - isis, osiris, horus, anubis, everyone got together and tried to completely erase him. Almost did. If Akhtetaten (the temple of the sun) had not been built, he might have disappeared. His stellae were all but destroyed.

Hatred is destructive. But I think it has purpose. Not only can it destroy. It can provide a mechanism by which evil, or that agent of change that destroys - can be fed. That is, suppose for the sake of an argument that there is a mirror you somewhere.

Say that evil you wants to undo everything you love and care for. Its sole purpose in life is to destroy you. That evil you would contain its focus in hatred - it would watch you, intently. Not out of love. Nearly all of your actions have meaning to it, and that meaning drives its organized actions. It sees the thing inside. And it wants to scream. It looks to you in more ways than one.

I remember once when I lived in the Pacific Northwest (may I soon return) I was in traffic. I hate traffic. I like traffic lights.. but only when they're green. I saw a bumper sticker. it said.. BATHE HER AND BRING HER TO ME.

I was thinking. Dude. thats a cool bumper sticker. And then I realized... wow... this is Seattle... I might be driving behind a guy who is working for the military industrial complex. It was right then I decided, for every plane in my life. If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going! >:)

So, I learned something while I was (and currently am) network down. I learned that the Hindu Goddess Kali is actually one of three forms, Durga (Strength), Kali (Fate) and Parvati (Goddess of the Breast). There are two types. Goddess of the tooth, and goddess of the breast. The tooth, are those who act upon the world. The breast. more sublime, representing motherhood. These are concurrent incarnations. The hindu gods played alts. And the Hindu Love Gods played the Filmore (that was a great concert :)

Many think of the sect that worships Kali (the thuggee, from which the word "thug" is derived) is a cult of hatred. Kali is always shown represented at point of kill, but also something interesting .. her husband. She is always standing on her husband. It turns out, her husband is the only thing that can contain her. She is , in fact, fate. and Time. And destiny. Her husband's sleeping form contains here else she would destroy everything..

Assume voice of Bill Murray.. "So, you know I have that going for me.."


This was good.

1. I have missed your writing, so that made it good.

2. It was good because of the many hours I puzzled over that particular massacre.

3. Because you brought it home to me where I live & work nowadays.

Thank you. Brilliant!

My father, the wisest man who ever lived, including Solomon, used to tell me that love & hate were two sides of the same coin (or even a piece of paper)...they lived that closely touching; & with just a simple and effortless flip one could become the other.

Strange, how as you grow older your parents grow more wise....

I wonder who I am standing on?

... big hitter, the dalai lama.


seriously yeah my dad cut me up into like, 10 pieces a few days ago and quite frankly I happened to notice I worked better the way I was put back together.

he impressed upon me that there was no "we" in sketchy situations. only "me". and I suddenly realized that part of my dependencies, the sort of democratic decision path that I was on? Expendable.

And that was about when things started working right for me.

I make plans now that are much more focussed and much more independent. you might have guessed by now that independence is a big deal. I have been on my own since almost 18.

I bet you are standing on the shoulders of giants. If you have seen so far.

I really enjoy our conversations.

Um . Do you think Hatred is a form of feeding?

(i will deny having hacked my neighbors wireless access point. and a netware network the other day. never convicted. ... never convicted)
if absence makes the heart grow fonder...what is the superlative of fonder...?

King Manwe said hello. He missed you at today's meeting. Said he missed your energy. I told him he had no idea how much *I* missed your energy!

Wanta hear the story of Tirion on Tuna...? You will.

/me smiles