A few thoughts on death

I thought I might write a few thoughts on death. I absolutely hate the f-k. He's not thief, nor is he some kind of mystical force. Death is the wagekeeper for all sin in the world. Death will open up the seventh seal.

Death claimed alot of my friends, some of my family, and even some extended family. I don't like that one bit. I dont have any poems to write here. Life is for the living. I do think poetry is great but I prefer the battle epic to the epitath.

I was just wondering, do you think he actually does play chess? When I was a female (a blonde) in SL I beat the heck out of a really obnoxious dominant master type (you've figured out I like high stakes games by now?) who wanted me as his slave. I thought it was a fair wager for the amount of money he was willing to put up against it all. I beat him in that way in which you slowly dawn it upon someone that they made a fool out of themself. I have played better people, I think that was part of my secret. Note to self: anyone with an international rank - And never make a bet golf with anyone who shows up on the first tee with squinty eyes, a suntan, and a one iron in his bag.

So Death, you scored one this week. Your shiny blade is all covered with the blood of innocents again. Here is a nice thought. I will be happy to beat you again.I have practically beaten you twice in the past week already. I am more than willing to make it three times. Lets see.. my business, near death experience, oh I don't know. How about that run at the hill, over on Lake Hartwell? Were you there, Mr. Death? Something made the air colder that day.

Some people think you're great, you know. The opposite of Life. Unity of balance. Some kind of welcoming force to set our souls on a path to heaven. I think I saw you once in the Caldera didn't I. Maybe it was that time the desert sand blew across the road and made it slick. I know you can open the gates to heaven or hell. You cast aside flesh and bone, and set us free. But lets set this straight between us, Death. I know what color horse you ride.

I think I hear your icky friends calling you.