Stuff from my Mom

Ok, my mom reads this blog. I find it refreshing that I have managed to ignore her. But I won't ignore it when she sends something cool that lets me be, essentially, lazy and just re-post something she mails to me.

My mom, is kind of a hippie. I love her to death but she and I do have different views on things. My view is more or less aligned with that of Lady Sheridanne Kelley's. I tend to see things in terms of , for lack of a better term, absolutes. Whereas my mom tends to see things in relatives. That said, I think I get my sense of humour from her. I don't try to take life too seriously. But I do plan to play with dolly's. or is that dollies. Hey we all have things that dominate us..

Although she does have an effect on me. For example, the absolute side of me is that if I were ever married it would be a end of tomcatting for turnerbroadcasting. But, I would not get bent out of shape if I didn't have everything on schedule immediately after. My brother is not like this. He flew to Cancun, at 5 am the next morning and had a very cool honeymoon all ready to go. His wedding was beautiful. Then again, he's a lawyer. I found a pod next to his bed once, all opened up with gooey stuff inside. And tentacles.

I would probably , if I got married in real life, be perfectly happy to watch "Natural Born Killers" on DVD and then go to sleep. And maybe fly out somewhere in a month or so. Or maybe two months. Any prospective wife should take note that I am not particularly interested in winding down after a big party by going off somewhere and becoming a tourist. I lived in the carribbean far too long to have a positive idea about Tourists. We go to the foothills of the himalayas? We're going there to live there for a while, love. You get pregnant, no problem. I make sure we stay in good food. (there's a biryani.. I still dream of it.)

Maybe I would fly to Kyoto. Where we would take a bath, nude, with random strangers that smile at us as they jump in the tub with us. And we smile right back. Then off to an Osaka hotel, for the night , then jet down to Hong Kong, where we would gamble. Eat noodles. Pick up some pirated software . Arr. Then I might take us diving on the great barrier reef. B-n-b for a week or so, in a little spot called Capetown. And then, for a month or two, head off to the foothills of the himalaya. Awaken to the sound of the priests singing morning ritual as the mist settles at gangtok or silliguri. Hike the foothills of ChomolungMa and Kanchenchanga. And explore the wonders of a 45 to one exchange rate. heh heh heh. >:)

The point is that I would be a good prey animal about it all and use camouflage on my honeymoon. I know that, as a herd animal, the wolves can take one of us and we'll still be alive. So I wouldn't interfere with other peoples plans to give me their interpretation about my sex life. Especially if I had a marriage where 20 people gave me their opinion about whether or not I should do it. See? I love to hear what you have to say. I might, at this point, regarding my SL marriage, join the priesthood soon. Building churches. Fall in love with peas. Call them my children. So... here's to my mom. She sent me this today. In the spirit of complete chastity and obedience () :-) and to celebrate my SL wedding, which seems more and more a bigger and bigger deal to me. (not sure why)

In an effort to internalize our conscious understanding of the nature of cause and effect, we can never truly know how our thoughts, emotions, words, or actions will manifest themselves on the larger universal stage because it is likely that the furthest-reaching effects will fall outside the range of our perception

Now since yesterday I've been working on a piece that builds from edwin abbott's flatland. Guess I should never expect mom's to play fair but if we ever have that synchronicity thing going I will try to post it here (soft BDSM, no thanks.). So there's my mom's cool thought for the day . Happy Thursday >:) We are secrets to each other Each one's life a novel No-one else has read. (Neils Peart - Entre nous)