Goodbye Amber

I am not sure when, but Amber Dalton's blog just disappeared .. It was called "For this I went to college?". :(

Keeps things in perspective, huh? Here today. Gone tomorrow. Amber was an object of absolute fascination - I had worked with DBA's in the past, and one of my closest partner was a DBA. It was a very organic thing. She reminded me of Florida, it didn't matter that it was the lame side of Florida, it was Florida. Here today. Gone tomorrow. Gee. Just like South Florida, I guess.

To tell the truth, I didn't know her. Never met her. Spoke with her maybe, what. Once. Alot of "rules" in the conversation. She was nice, don't get me wrong. I know she just hit the delete key when the end came. She was probably miffed that someone backtracked something out of her profile or something. This is totally DBA. They decide to do something, and they do it. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. Every DBA I ever met was strongly opinionated and had that blank character that let you do things like that. So the blog is totally gone. Completely shredded. Even though the blog was really a record of her and her daughter, she started it when her little one was in utero. Gone.

Hey, though. As watching blogs go by, hers was pretty fun.. .. there are others. There was a unique character about it, that I will miss. So this is my way of saying goodbye.

I only keep a few links on the right hand side. I'm not interested in building up a registry for the blogosphere. Does anyone know a nice decompression blog somewhere I can link up to? Hope you're ok, Ambers. Sometimes things can be unpredictable. Hope all that noise about being alone and loving it wasn't a cover. Bye :)


Ah, Nuts to Amber! She just started her blog off on another
URL. She didn't take it down she
just made it private.

I am not entirely sure I will ask for an invitation. I like Bitch, Ph.D. Alot better.

Hey. A guy has to have his standards. >:)