1. Play Minesweeper/ Expert Level - while listening to Pink Floyd "The Great Gig in the Sky". Listen for the conversation between a man and a woman.
  2. Mistake lust, for love. Fall asleep in your girlfriends bed and let her lipstick lesbian roommate photographer shoot your sleeping visage and then watch in wonderment as you find it at the next museum installation you both attend, blown up to 10 feet high and covered with the sentence "He mistakes lust for love". Be slightly amazed as nobody recognizes you.
  3. Get a coupon folder and put it in your car and break out the coupons when you are eating out or at the grocery store. Stick it to the MAN
  4. Go to church. Just do it. And sing while you're there too. In fact, get up and sing as a member of the choir. Wear a white robe. Wear what you want underneath the white robe.
  5. Join an elite club in a big city, with a secret meeting room atop a black glass skyscraper downtown. Its thousands of dollars initiation. Pay it then don't pay the monthly fees all of a sudden. Ask them to keep you in 'suspended' mode, and pretend to go to India. Then, after you find that they're holding your account for you, take part of the money you save and Really go to India.
  6. Let your human body inadvertantly become a breeder for a slow acting virus whose symptoms are similiar to a common cold . But its a cold that doesn't make you feel too sick. Watch in horror as it mutates to destroy the entire world. Listen for its little virus laugh when it does. Then, hit a drum roll and do a Seinfeld impersonation and complain about how everyone is dying. Hit the canned laughter button if everyone is gone. Start your routine off "Hey, I'm Immune.."
  7. File some important looking federal papers it doesn't matter what they are, just pick some that you have to file, and file the. Remember to keep things straight and simple. Type out the PDF files if they allow you to edit them then fill out the rest. Try signing something with an electronic signature.
  8. Go do something really fun. Like climb a rock wall or something. Something cool. Then add it to this list. Start off the ol list tag, in the comments, and see if you can make the list start off at number 10 instead of 1.


Sometimes I feel the fear of uncertainty.. stinging clear. And I can't help but ask myself how much I let myself take the when and steer..

Its driven me before and it seems to have a vague haunting mass appeal..

Lately I'm beginning to find that whenever I drive myself my life is found - Whatever tomorrow brings,

I'll be there. - With open arms
And open eyes

Would you choose, the water over wine?

Hold the wheel and drive
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Bumma. I might just move this blog 2 scoop oneday.