Regarding the So Called Republican Takeover

The republicans took over the house of representatives, the senate, the white house and the supreme court and held them for eight years. The bush republicans crashed the global economy, destroyed America's diplomatic profile, entangled our country in wars of convenience that have cost us well over a trillion dollars. And their policies left the world markets depleted of over 2 trillion dollars of cash.

The republicans made a contract with America, before. Now they're making just a pledge. And what pledge is this? The last time they were in power they completely crashed the government and installed the largest federal bureaucracy in the history of the United States of America. They then proceeded to turn the reigns of power over to US Corporations, which immediately took advantage of the American people, ripping them off whenever possible and in ways we still haven't even discovered. It took the current administration nearly 14 months just to drain the swamp they left behind.

Under the republicans, the US stock markets crashed nearly 45%, the largest jump in unemployment in the past three decades was felt - all the unemployed, out of work , post-stock market crash people flooded the market into underemployment. And CEOs of healthcare companies bought their own personal lear jet, and backyard play garden complete with little miniature ponies and a petting zoo.

Now, the republicans are hoping that everyone will just forget what happened 18 months ago, and give them back the power to do what they want - with our country. They are hanging with every last fiber of their being on poll numbers that show independents flocking to their side ... when in fact, their own party is coming apart at the seam. The TEA party has broken the republican party into thirds, with at least a third of the party walking off into the night to form their own party away from the whole.

My guess is that the so called republican takeover will end up like their last eight years in office. An epic fail. Look for the Senate to remain in control of the Democratic element. And increasingly free of lobbyism and the party they tried to buy.