True Story

I was trying to get someone to recognize that I was a human being, recently. I decided that if they would continue their upbraid - I would just strip naked. The hope was that they would notice I was naked , and then realize there was a lag time between when they could talk about the fact that I was naked - and when I actually stripped.

It took them 30 minutes before they actually noticed. Which is to say, they probably noticed I was physically naked - immediately. But their prepared speech continued on unabated.

I think we are in danger , as a species, of losing our humanity. I don't think this kind of disconnection from the real world happens as a result of natural or organic processes. Last night my daughter was frantic because she couldn't get a shipping label done. In Alain De Bouton's 'Status Anxiety', we read that in 1972, only 2% of Americans felt that a second phone line was a necessity. Today, 45% of Americans feel it necessary. 11% thought that a car should have to have Air Conditioning. Today, 64% of all Americans require it. 3% thought they should have to have a second television set. Today, 36% of Americans feel a second TV is necessary.

And what of the social network? How does that work? When you're so concerned with your prepared speech, or your daily status update - that a person next to you, can strip naked and you will continue on? How many of us are in a train, and the person next to us is on a cellphone? How many of us actually connect, anymore?

Perhaps its best we re-evaluate our priorities. Mine, right now, happens to be getting taxes done before deadline (I have a corporate filing deadline). But that's business. In my personal life, I will be happy with any semblance of peace and harmony that I can forge.


Anonymous said…
I would have stopped, at the first thread, and we both would have forgotten the topic of speech.

That's just the way it is.
It reminded me of a quote by Alfred Hitchcock.

Someone once asked him, why he wrote mystery. He said he was fascinated by the way people tacitly accepted things and keep
on going.

He said, when he was a child he went to confession. He said, the priest would say "three hail mary's and an all father" to everything he did.

He said he always wanted to say "I murdered my mother" to the priest. Just to hear the priest say. "Three hail marys and an all father"