The Election of 2010

It's about Healthcare Reform.

Take a look at the primary results of this swing state. Others will tell you its about jobs, or the economy. But guess what. That's just because they can - but the CBER declared the recession over. It's not about Jobs, the Economy, or the Democrats losing their seats. Its about massive, massive amounts of money coming from an industry that takes one dollar out of every six, out of the pockets of American citizens. An industry by which the number one reason for middle class families to declare bankruptcy. A trillion dollar industry with multi million dollar reach into lobbyism.

That reach extends into the political narrative that , quietly - each year - is bought and sold along with the advertising content that will be purchased . This content is bought in 'packages'.

This year's package is a narrative in which Obama, who by all accounts, is on track to become one of America's Greatest Presidents: A Nobel Laureate, A man who successfully led the Charge to Reform Healthcare, and a man who helped reform Wall Street - stabilizing global financial markets that were not only on the verge of meltdown but actually crashed so hard that the effects were felt on a scale and breadth that encompassed all time record drops in the index, and massive bank failures including the two largest banks in the US. This guy delivered.

But the narrative that was purchased, quietly - along with editorial control of news articles - paints a different picture. Why?

Because that is the narrative that will work best to change Congress into something that cannot accomplish any goal. And because the recent Bush Republican Supreme Court ruled that corporations have the right to radically increase their contribution to political campaigns. And so, political advertising buys you editorial control.

And with editorial control, comes the narrative that this year , Democrats will fail. Because , after the GOP spent all their power - the last gasp of a dying party - to stop them during the last two years - and failed. That is all they have to offer in the paid narrative - as a way of helping them to succeed in sidetracking the real issues and origin of the nightmare.

Movements like the Tea Party that throw the bastards out - America needs to get rid of lobbyism. And you can do that by ignoring the ridiculous , pattern behavior that's going on - do your homework off the net, and vote early. Decide who you like.

Healthcare Reform - was obscured, mangled - and nearly destroyed by lobbyists. And the flaws that are apparent in the package - are destroying the political will of the American independent voter.

If you listen to the people who were paid to tell you that. Some of us are ready to keep on getting cool things done.


Anonymous said…
I agree - the GOP is really running on making healthcare reform the evil thing behind the scenes - but they're talking about something else in front of the camera. They want you to hate Obama.

18 months of cleaning up their mess, good start made, and since there's holes in it all they're trying to blame it on the dems.