They Like You Dead

Let's start at the beginning, with this post. It's going to be about the origin of the universe, god, heat death, and why people kill off their blog. In short, I'm going to try not to talk about the terrific sex I had last night, that involved an asian woman, a blonde swedish woman, and an indian woman and later on another guy that walked in on all of us. Let's see if I can do it.

First, the title of the post. They like you dead. Who's they? Well. Let's start off with what's inside your head. You've got cliques of neurons that will identify themselves as an entity. For example, in my head, I've got groups of them that call themselves the "IRS" and they whisper to me things about whether or not I should really be charging sales tax on an item, or asking me if this purchase is in fact on an academic license. They also fuck with my security cam, but that's a different story - and it involves firmware. We're going to stick with the clique. Neurons in your head network and to be able to effectively fire they self identify in groups. No, I'm not saying this is where consciousness or memory exists - I'm just saying that physically your brain aggregates itself into things that sort of feel like spirits or ghosts, or after images of other people.

Well, having a good relationship with your own ghosts is as important as killing your own daemons. And that is the 'they' , that I am referring to here. The daemon you probably might have - that I suffer from, is addiction. Television is a good example of something that is highly addictive to me. Google , is another. Why think, when you can just type in the word? And of course, when the TV is turned off - it's an instant release from the 'high', with no hangover. I do not have cable TV, and at one point I had a nice collection. It's fun to see what's in it. - But moreoever, now that I have NetFlix, it reminds me that if I own the film, I can watch it whenever I want. And yea, that involves wasting alot of time - watching it.

So, why would 'they' want you 'dead'? What is the context of 'dead' here? Well. In the case of watching a film, for example - you're better off being passive and just sitting there on the sofa. You're in your own little box you've made for yourself. This can be really useful.

Societies grow rapidly, and sometimes they hit new elements that they have to incorporate - that they can't quite figure out how to bring in. Genetic engineering is a good example - should we be disallowing farmers the right to keep seed from a crop? Most of the new seeds have been genetically engineered, and big companies like Monsanto - are sueing farmers who will replant a portion of their own seed. A farmer works day and night, keeps the crop safe - harvests it from his own land under the work of either himself or family - the sweat of his brow. Monsanto will sue him if he tries to replant his own seeds. They want the crop he grew, to be dead. At the end of the year.

When a society can't figure out if something is good or bad, normally the elite will step in and capitalize on it. After all, that's what their job is supposed to be: the leaders guide us where we need to go. But ever since we adopted money as a vehicle for status , the reality is that a leader's status and position are not dependent on his ethical or practiced guidance. It's dependent on how much money he makes. The more money he makes, the higher he rises. So the 'they' in question here, wouldn't be the people in leadership role that are trying to do a good job with the world. People like President Obama, or any of the other Nobel Laureates. They are usually , and by and large - good people.

The leaders I am referring to are the ones who utilize their leadership position simply to translate their position into ever increasing levels of power - while ignoring the results of their action. Second rate entertainers - who enlist themselves in the rank of commentary, are still second rate entertainers. They are actors and actresses, who - in certain talk circles - attempt to elevate themselves to 'political thought leaders' and 'express outrage' at how things are going. But isn't there a time and place for outrage? Would, for example - a less expensive form of healthcare, be something that would benefit your poor uncle john or your out of work aunt alice? They continually ignore the effect of their own policies in sandbox - for example, the libertarian breakdown that was the government of Haiti - standing as a lesson as to the dangers of crony capitalism that infects so called 'conservative' political structures - the line between haiti and the dominican republic is a good example. Look at their border.

Dead. All dead. Why? Policy. And that's what happens when big systems arise. Big societies. They first form groups, then attempt to negotiate policy. This helps them to deal with change. And evolve.

And the element that seeks to do you harm thrives on the destruction of resources - the spectacle of disintegration. Not the creation of new resources. But the containment of them - for their own exploitation. Often, at a policy that will deplete the resource.

Blogs like , could now be referred to as 'dead'. Why? It wasn't because the writers substantively changed who they were as people. The circle of authors that contributed to the blog - were and are well spoken and versed individuals. But it's dying. And soon, it will be dead.

And that's just the way the manglers like them.

The precursor to the death of bitchPhD, was a fascination on behalf of the author's circle - with 'twitter'. And , I am sure, facebook. Although we do not see their interaction with it - these two sites are like boxes that contain expressive internet content and in a procrustean fashion drive authorship into shallow 'update' or 'tweet'. In fact, the very sound of 'tweet' says it all. I 'tweeted' something to day. Oh. Good for you.

Heat Death probably happens the same way. Looking out at the vastness of dark space, the few brave stars that warm the interstellar cold and light the way for life - are burning out. One day, one after another - all of them will die.

Hawking published today that God was not necessary "to light the blue touch paper [fuse] and set the universe going". And this is true. But , like the difference between reading a well written blog such as the terminally ill myDD, now-dying bitchPhD, or the dead animalmind, and I think, random - and a burning hot, live blog like dailyKos, is not calculated in terms of their entropy but rather in terms of their luminance. Light, I believe - has properties we can't even begin to imagine. The star that bathes its solar system in light - does more than just randomly appear out of nowhere in the universe like some kind of Droid App flashlight. It has a character all of its own.

And so too, does our universe. It feels alive. And there are other universes, perhaps - that are dead. It's easier to be dead. To be sitting there, quietly - waiting for the blue torch paper to be lit. Or, even, to let it be caught by the wind and blow away.

But what Hawking is saying is true. It is not necessary, for God to be there. Just as it isn't necessary for the creators of the blogs we love and read - to substantively be there - Hawking is measuring the universe, as if we measured the internet : in terms of data, the content amount would be similiar - if someone wrote a poorly written blog. And we'd still have movies downloading all over the world. And people trading silly bands.

These are the things they want you to do. The employers who take out life insurance policies on their employees, and then quietly hope they die. The farmers who kill off their crop every year because they'll get sued just for letting their plants produce seed. The men, stranded in wheelchairs, with their bodies slowly rotting away - contemplating the dehumanizing, alien and hostile realm of astrophysical reality.

But reality isn't just matter, and transformation. Reality is life. It is like the coral that grows, adding a new element to the reef - a simple transformation in ourselves, our minds, and in our relationships - but one in which, if we do it right, creates a beautiful and complex structure out of such simple rules.

Like maybe even the concept that writing is more fun after you've had great sex. I guess we'll have to ask Alfred Hitchcock about that one. ;)
cf. Alfred Hitchcock 'Whodunit', ca. 1956 Shamley Productions - 'All Mystery Writers Go to Heaven' after they die... ? ;)