How Triathlon and Golf Work Together

Yesterday I took la familia to the lake for labor day, and there was a golf course - maybe 3/4 of a mile to the far shore. I swam the lake, dove the lakeside of their par 4 seventh hole for golf balls, filled my swimsuit trunks up with them then swam back.

I pulled in 22 balls, and then hit a few back in the lake just for fun. The titleist pro V1 392s distorted physically - a few of them blistered. But the rest of the newer pro V's were fine. I pulled in Titleist Pro V1's, Callaway, Nike and a few other good balls.

It was a 1.5 mile swim , with a .75 mile mini jumbo bucket pull across the lake, followed by a six seven woods fired back into the water at or around 220 yards a piece. You generally don't get as tired as you would if, say, you just ran a marathon and then played a round of golf. I think its because you use different muscle groups.

I had awful nightmares last night - one of my kittens loves to lick my nose but she licks me for about seven times then bites it. I spent the night wrapping my head in pillows and ducking under the covers hiding from kitten fangs. Strange dream. I dreamt I was screwing another woman. It would have been a nicer dream, I think, if the kitten weren't biting me.