Amber Dalton

What is the value of a human life? I have never met Amber Dalton. She's an Oracle DBA, a graduate of a mail order university. I'm pretty sure she's got one child, and that she is married to a stay-at-home husband. But not really all that sure. After all, what can you know about someone you've never met?

So, why am I writing about her? Because she is alive. And she is a part of this world.

Day before yesterday, I made a decision to go to work early. Along the way, I found a bike by the side of the road. I picked it up, and put it in the back of my car. The bike was nearly brand new. Yesterday, I made a decision to drive my daughter out to the horse a bit early. There was a box sitting in the middle of the road. I pulled the car over to a side street, ran out and picked the box up. It contained a beautiful lamp. A tiffany lamp. Unbroken.

These two events were not connected. But in both cases, a decision was made to go do something for someone - to get out into the world and shake things up a bit. Go to work early, etc. And each decision had an unforeseen implication. A reward. I think life, is like this. There are ways to do things right. Maybe only a few ways to do something right.

I have never met Amber Dalton. But she changed my entire life.

Amber used to run a blog called 'For this I went to College?' I was a reader. And like many other blogs, it was at times narcissistic. At times informational. But usually worth the read.

And I'm still here, I guess, perhaps a bit like Linus in the pumpkin patch. It seems to be an attribute of bloggers to, at times - simply walk away from their blog. I don't know if Amber is reading this, but I am hoping she will visit. She might know that nobody else seems to buy into the concept that Amber Dalton is a force of nature. At least to me. And that she can change lives.

I think someone at her office used to read her blog and try to use it against her at work. I don't have that problem because a) I'm the boss, and nobody can fire me to begin with, and b) I don't ever reveal who I am on this blog. Even still, the real problem there was that her co-worker didn't actually read, and appreciate Amber Dalton. She just scanned over Amber and used whatever pieces she could find - a bit like the evangelist preacher who ignores the fact that the bible comes from a time when people lived in filth, died of mysterious diseases and spent most of their time wandering in superstition. In short, she did not 'get it'.

But I have heard the magic spell. And yes, there is a magic in the world. A life force. Perhaps like the tree of life. I have seen her words glow in phosphor and active matrix . There was magic there.

My hope is that I can continue to do the things in life that bring about positive change for myself, and others. I am perfectly willing to accept the concept that this may mean time on the spanking machine.

For you. That is.


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stRalph said…
He who laughs last, laughs loudest.