When Anger Hurts, Part Four

She picked up the book I was reading
and threw it across the room
I had fallen asleep the night before
that was what I did wrong. I should not have fallen asleep
reading +this+ book

It was about someone named Sultana
and her friends are pretty rich
a person in england that I met in second life
told me about this book
she was a young indian woman awaiting arranged marriage
and, in SL, an erotic dancer
in real life, I think, a database administrator
we traded books
I recommended "animals in translation"
by someone who uses autism
to decode animal behavior
and it being so hard to find, for her, as well
she ordered it online
that didn't matter
because to the one who was angry at me
every female is the same
and I am cheating on her
and the book is probably about sex
(it was about abuse)

Anger makes you feel like you are right
even when you are wrong
and thats dangerous
in the film "secretary" the protagonist is methodical
and alone
relationships, whatever type - are not storms
sometimes they are an odd form of ballet
and definitely contain
power exchange
they are not storms

Storms mean waves and rain
and wind so strong
you can lean over in your backyard
with your jacket spread open
and not fall down
and the calm
when everyone runs outside
before the wind changes direction
and everything hits you from the other side
storms are there to right a wrong
and not to raise your son

maybe - relationships
are like stars
songs and faces
maybe they are common ground, special places
where you can live
some good
some , not so good
but then
maybe we were not so good when we were in them

I remember
a friend of mine once wrote
that her turn-ons
were puppies
and when they don't see it coming

I admit that
my love life thus far has been kind of like
the tale
of mickey and mallory knox
if anything, I have been as dominant as she
as dangerous
just not this randomly violent. ever
I would much rather channel rage
into watching monster truck competitions
and maybe eat some
burgers and fries

American Man
American Woman

Better get away