New Video in the Assassination of Benazir Butto

A new video was released todayshowing that Benazir Butto slumped after the gunshots rang out - we know that the assassin shot three times at her then blew himself up. The official report showed that the blast of the bomb drove Benazir into a lever on her sunroof and the trauma and impact killed her. However, after three shots were fired at very close range - you see from the first shot, her headscarf flying up. That wasn't the wind.

The local police were directed to refuse to allow the local doctors in attendance at the E/R to do the autopsy. Apparently the attending doctors were not allowed to examine the body ... because Al Qaeda did it?

Yesterday Bill Richardson has called for the Resignation of Pervez Musharraf. They say that the art of diplomacy is when someone tells you to go to hell, then gives you directions, and you enjoy the ride.

How do you tell someone to go to hell, who lives in Pakistan ? I mean, suppose you try to to get to hell from Pakistan? Aren't the directions. Go south... Oh wait a minute. You're from Pakistan. Hey, congratulations. You're already there.


Anonymous said…
Ah, scenic Peshawar!