Green Meteor

At 10:33 tonight, ESDT, I was standing outside near the silver comet rail trail (around mile 1.4) and I heard something. It was really really faint, i couldn't even describe the sound but it made me turn my head quickly.

I looked up and just caught a huge meteor burning across the horizon. In the sky/ North by Northwest of Atlanta there was a giant green meteor, it was really moving fast. It struck somewhere near what appeared to be south marietta (?) - it was brilliant, round and green. The trail it left was not persistent. It reminded one of a comet - but it was not quite that.

Origin: Lat: 33.848525 /33:50:54.690N - Lon: -084.541582/ 84:32:29.695W. second point would be due northwest of that location. Probably within 30 miles but can't be sure, since the treeline obscured the impact site. So draw your line out that way, you might get it.

The meteor was as big as your thumb, if you held it at arms length. I am trying to figure out what to do. I called 911 and they recorded the call.