Razorblade (Emily) tapped me to be part of the meme (rhymes with "mean"). I thought to myself. Ok. Sure. Why not. I read up on it, and this is supposed to be some kind of art form . At any rate, I will play. Eight (8) facts about turnerBroadcasting ...
  1. I am an ex-surfer. Landlocked. This is probably the most important fact about me. Once a surfer, always a surfer. I lived on a cliff / surfed when it was on/ dive and snorkel every day when it was not. Then I lived on the coast, used to sail every day. When I went to college in Florida, I spent a year and a half out into the woods with tanks and dropping into springs and diving caverns and caves underneath the forest. (bumpersticker: Paddle Faster. ..I think I hear a Banjo ). I can find lobsters by the vibrations they make in the ocean. If you give me a set of gloves, a rubberband, a stick and a catchbag I can bring you back a six course seafood dinner. We hunted the big wave - I once surfed double overhead from the back (17 to 20 foot waves). We had to paddle back in, all the way around the island because things got gnarly. As in. Waterspouts came down near the point. Seven of them? The fact that I was there, is probably the most important fact about me. I had a red, Barry Kanupuani Gun made by Sunset Beach Surfboards in Hawaii. I slept with it. Later , I traded sleeping with surfboards for sleeping with girls..
  2. I am fit, decent looking, and generally intelligent. I'm in a relationship, in fact, a very longstanding and strong relationship. A recent change in the other person has driven me away from her - a radical and scary change that I can't go into , here. But I am doing what a good person will do. I am trustworthy, and discreet - she will be gone from my life I think by the 17th, although it was orginally the 10th - and when she goes, I can breathe again. Right now its pretty scary.
  3. I never write directly about anyone I know (at least hear) because I love them very much and care for them and want their identities anonymous. Its funny, I don't anonymize my own identity - I've responded to CL postings with my full address information straight away. I am fairly thick skinned in that regard, I guess. But when it comes to people around me, its a different story. I go out of my way to protect them, or keep their identities anonymous. Their life, is their own. I am a good person to trust, I guess.
  4. I love kinky sex. In fact, I am convinced that kinky sex is the basis of all life in the universe. I am searching for molecular kinky sex to prove that life is not unique and the entire universe really operates on kinky sex. Ok, kinky sex and general relativity.. I will admit that. But just think for a second how kinky a schwarzchild radius can be... omg. You think of a rubber sheet? To explain it. Well. I think of nipple clamps. Why pull a rubber sheet when you can just pinch someones nipple? College could be alot more fun if physics professors figured this out. Hey church could also. I think it came in part from my kinky girlfriends I had when I was growing up. One of them was a lesbian, an artist (actress), the other was a painter. I am very sexually open as a result, and also .. a bit confident? I guess. My main thing is I think , in fact, you deserve a spanking just for reading this. Assume the position. >:)
  5. Fun food fact - I never throw away any food. Ever since I returned from India, I have always recycled anything I could get my hands on. It comes from seeing a plate made out of leaves, that a restaurant had thrown out. The cows walked by, right off the street. And ate the plates. That had a deep effect on me. I have a comfortable home, and woods in the back. I make the trip outside everynight to throw away dinner scraps. Any greenspace will do. You would be surprised what is out there looking for a snack.
  6. I am either going to get rich or go bankrupt, very soon. Its a strange situation - I have a small business that has alot of orders, that if I can fill them I'm made. And if I don't, I'm toast. Oh yeah and I won a grant last year, and I think I can bring that research forward. My wife has been screaming at customers. They're still around. You do the math.
  7. I play a game called Second Life. I have been known to do cool things in there, at times. Once, I made a big black hole that sucked up all the bad architecture in my neighborhood. Now you know my secret, that I was just bored. Please let everyone else think that I am pure evil. It helps me with my day job there.
  8. I love to read. I have just finished "Under the Banner of Heaven" by Jon Krakauer. I have also read "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy, and "Animals in Translation" by Temple Grandin. I loved "Customer Response Management" by Darlene Richard . If I could recommend one book, it would be "The Consolations of Philosophy" by Alain De Botton. Don't let the title get you. Its alot of fun. One thing that bothers me with my recent life is that I've been seriously wrapped up in World of Warcraft (in an honest effort to destroy my personal sex drive) and as a result I've been reading less... I think the way it works is that I'll eventually just stop playing online games and return to equillibrium. I truly love to read. For now, its a semi-managed thing - again if you look at the 2nd item in the list, giving my partner the send-off will mean more time for books (she takes about 50 hours a week right now. I don't want to be cold, I am just telling the truth. giving her the heave-ho will improve my life immeasurably). (and then I can break the addiction to WoW as well. SL is so damn lagged that its easy to ignore, just remember lag.)

Alright since I've talked about what happens if you lick me on the ... oh.. I skipped that didn't I .. hm! . Good! So. Now I am going to find eight people who will just be overjoyed to find that they've been tapped.

  1. The lady (you know who you are)
  2. House of Battle (we only think we know who you are )
  3. Cosmic Variance (Daniel Holz)
  4. Chris Bowers ( formerly of myDD - now with actBlue )
  5. Thomas Beyer (where the heck are you man?)
  6. Bitch, PhD. ( riight )
  7. Desiree S. ( be precise )
  8. Phoenix Seelowe (from SL)


Emilly Orr said…
Yeah, just kick that WoW thing, and...


Thanks for not killing She What Tagged You. :)