Forgetting Ohio

McCain has peaked in recent polls. to the top of the heap. This builds on a previous contention, what I said earlier holds. The GOP is an aristocracy.

The fact that Ron Paul can't even get airtime on Faux despite having raised more money in a single day than any other candidate in history lets you know exactly what is going to happen.

Indie leaning voters out of the GOP will either head to the dems (60%) or they will flock to Ron Paul. Breaking the 10 percent barrier, Paul will decide to run independent. Faux news being unable to stoop so low as to bring on a guy who has a passionate, loyal following and a large amount of cash - will give the already galvanized supporters yet more ammunition to strike out like Ross Perot.

Just for what its worth, let's hope she picks Bill Richardson as the new Secretary of State. Ohio was a narrow race despite a sitting president during wartime running unopposed in his own party - against a boston brahmin ? The fact that McCain is surging right now means that he deserved it to begin with (and it makes my signed copy of his book all the more valuable yeah!) and second, more importantly - the GOP is being torn apart by the bush republicans running to the more maverick, conservative, and reagan-like leadership that McCain represents.

So here's the prediction: Ron Paul Declares Independent, makes a 10 percent dent in the GOP base. Clinton, after winning the primary - battles against the 40% that won't vote for her and watches that 40% drop to 30% thanks to Ron. McCain battles hard against Clinton in the General.

And Al Qaeda blows up something in the meantime and the homeland security alert is raised "Keep Shopping and Go to the Mall".

Free Pizza for anyone reading this, that is a member of Al Qaeda. Just meet me over there near that federal .. er I mean that 'friend' of mine in the dark suit with the earpiece in his ear. Its a great party. There will be lots of fun things to do ... um..

Is spooning with Dick Cheney classified as a method of torture?


M@ said…
I like McCain but I don't think he completely embodies the Reagan Democrat coalition comprised of social conservatives, defense hawks and low-tax advocates.

He's soft as hell on illegal immigration and won't let go of a war most Americans now oppose. I don't know....

But I agree that the two major parties are aristocracies. The GOP had anointed Mitt Romney but he's just not what people want.

For me, it all depends on choices now. I'd choose Huckabee over Clinton, Obama over Guiliani, McCain over Obama....

Who's the Wall Street candidate next year? Answer: both of them.
lol yeah ron paul is not allowed to play because they require their candidates to be on some lobbyist firm speed dial

illegal immigration is only a problem if the immgrants stay illegal. what you want is to have a threshhold for setting the immigration status - a hard threshhold, ex. like 4 years in country.

After that, you pay a heavy fine, and get citizenship. before that, deported.

Don't underestimate mccain. He lives in a border state and his stance on illegals is more realistic than you think.

Remember how Ga. Gov. Sonny Perdue raided this one town, had everyone locked up - some chicken processing plant. The business had new illegals in there in a week.

It is really mexico, honestly. Most of the immigrants are coming in from Mexico / and they integrate well + can work hard and increase the general community

As for not letting go of a war most oppose - the fact that he's opposed to torture is good enough for me. He is ex military and they see things through rose colored glasses when it comes to military budgets on the rise.

He is peaking now, talk about peaking at the right moment. He is now at 17 percent in the caucus and could take it .

Its gonna be McCain/ Clinton