To Philip Rosedale

How to fix second life:
  1. Change Second Life so that there is scheduled downtime from 5 am to 11 am PST (SLT) once per week. Six hours is enough time for the network team to perform scheduled maintenance, and upgrade systems.
  2. Aggressively implement upgrades to your physics engines (make sure that you give the network team time to do so, see item 1.) . High end physics engines will help reduce lag.
  3. Power consuption on your blade servers has been an issue. Invest in a fuel cell setup to cut your costs and provide clean UPS power. Also, you may wish to look at allowing the server to be licensed to allow people to build their own SL network grid outside of yours.
  4. The client browser should be modified to a heavy client. Your client is easy to download, and you have done good work with your updater. A client which offloads terabytes of graphic processing will improve your situation dramatically. It is worthwhile to have a heavier client given the size of the world; clientside graphics processors need lower level device access to get at the kind of processing required for smooth rendering. Don't keep it all up in the browser. Too many layers before rendering.
  5. Implement a builder mode that allows builders to prototype their builds without them being seen by the mass public (this will save again on lag). The situation in which a massive world is being downloaded to the client continuously is untenable. Builders will have to bite the bullet and see two modes to their creation - one, is test and the other is production. They will have to wait until scheduled update intervals to allow their production stuff to go-live. This should be available to people who are building arenas or high traffic areas.
  6. Invest in my initiative to create a voice change utility for those who desire voice alteration. Stream this from a central server so that the capability may exist for people who wish to apply a different voice while in-world. This will support a small economy / replete with a client hardware submarket.
  7. Implement a democratic system of government. Allow the people of SL to vote on matters that mean the most to them. You will have to establish a constitution, with a council comprised of members of the virtual world. Model this constitution upon a simple basis of human rights, and representational government. Abolish the existing monarchy and resign from your role as emperor, let this be a public ceremony.
  8. Allow money to be regulated and traded without careful constraints. The existing effort to artificially peg the money supply at a certain value causes the market to react in a lackadaisical manner- to unpin the linden from its false structure will enliven markets. It will also generate new interest in the virtual world. The markets should be given a chance to self regulate (see previous) and should also trade as a real currency (which is impossible in the current setup , as you are artificially pegging the currency to a false value).
Thank you Philip, and please keep up the good work.


Anonymous said…
tbs do you know philip?
Gortháur said…
LOL, if #8 is followed in SL, then I can become a linden currency trader and make millions. Wouldn't there need to be a virtual Central Banker, or a Linden Federal Reserve? What about stagflation, total debasement of the linden, or real estate crashes?

If artificial pegs works for China . . ..
anonymous - no, but I know his corset maker

gor - no, the federal reserve bank was designed to ensure that all banks are within an overnight trainride for re-stock of currency.
the likely form of government would be social libertarianism.
... some of us would short the linden as it went down. it would hurt at first, its a balance between the really heavy turnover of the newbies they get and the hardcore that need a "stable" environment.

One thing thats fun, though. would be they would have to give up this illusion that gov. linden can keep acting as a de-facto emperor based loosely on pseudo american laws.