How to be the strong one

  1. Keep a sense of humour
  2. Remember, that its not your life - its someone elses
  3. Have faith in something, even if its only yourself
  4. Expect pain
  5. Sacrifice yourself if it helps. Otherwise, play for keeps
  6. Stay heads down even if everyone is going crazy.
  7. Kiss away tears
  8. Grab the back of the wrist, not the front. You won't get cut
  9. Be willing to fight the crowd
  10. What they're saying about the people they love, is really about themselves
  11. Protect all children but teach them and play with them more
  12. Make lists, even things that are soulbound.
  13. Plan the work
  14. Work the plan
  15. Pain is weakness leaving the body
  16. Lance Armstrong Rocks

"There is no limit to what a man can achieve as long as he doesn't care who get's the credit". - Bob Woodruff. (Coca Cola Corporation).

If you can believe it I spent last night in a manger. I am not kidding. We ate s'mores and traded bad jokes; the christ child was a cabbage patch doll. The virgin mary was a chemist. She seemed surprised when I told her I worked for the Lab once. I didn't tell her I was just a lab rat like all the other undergrads. She said she liked all the work that comes from Lost Almost and I thought - jeez.. even the stuff that happens down in the kivas? Then again, she +was+ a virgin mother so I give her credit for being easily excited.