The Thin Red Line

I wonder sometimes what its like
to be able to see yourself living your own life
like a person can look into the tide pool at low tide
and see the life there swimming around free
its about creation growing out of destruction

what makes us cross the thin red line
that separates us from nature
why does fate hold a subway sandwich in one hand
and tokyoi drift in the other ?
she offers you tastyness
then turns you straight into oncoming traffic
she is who she is
we are who we are

Why is war a part of all living things?
it doesn't come from the dust
it doesn't spring from the air
and yet we are born to it
I suppose you've seen it all before
one goes east and one goes west, both from the same wind blow
its the setting of the sail
and not the gale
that tell us the way to go

So we cross the line, we make our choice
the dragon and the dove - rejoice we have choice
locked forever in eternal conflict (to carry one)
under the banner of heaven

I asked the mormons to come visit me
and they stayed for a while, the first time
I read them st. augustine
and gave them a glass of cranberry lemonade
they said
on wednesdays they do their laundry
it might be hard to make it, but we'll be back
..they never showed up.
Its ok. I got a free book of mormon out of the deal

I met a stripper named Cyan
she was cool
I guess I'm not a mormon.
willing to learn

When I was in college
someone had spray painted a message on the sidewalk
I lived in the party dorm
I read it every morning on my walk:
Eternity takes back its own, Our bodies stirred these waters briefly, danced with a certain intoxication before the love of life and self, dealt with a few strange ideas, then submitted to the instruments of Time. What can we say of this? I occurred. I am not... yet, I occurred.
- Paul Maud D'ib Atreides
I really am looking for pull
not push
I am still trying
even if you think I'm not
Here's a quiz for you
Can you think of the guiness book of world records
When one lost soul comes home to heaven?

Do you think its because
we borrowed his tools?
The red queen runs
on the thin red line

Its a circle
Don't tell Cyan


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