Heaven or Las Vegas - The Cocteau Twins


M@ said…
I thought that was going to depress me but it didn't. Mission accomplished?
I remember the first time I really listend to this song I was pulling into a small high desert town in new mexico and I had entered from the side where there was this suburban sort of camp at the base of the mesa and my headlights hit the side of the mesa/ this red jagged wall. I lived there for three years, up on top of that mesa.

I will take you on a tour of my clip search process (which unlike my friend lady sheridanne, is deeply flawed. the lady can find killer klips with much less effort - and yes I owe her research damnit and i will deliver it today !! )

1. search for "no country for old men"
2. whip through three clips
(i have a technique that gets me
through them)
3. follow the trail to las vegas
4. remember how much I hate suburbia
5. think about how pathetic it was for me to lie down and try to keep them from repossessing my car by blocking the winch with my body.
6. remember with fondness technowench, who is my favorite forum writer
7. read her poem.'
8. think its pure heaven.
9. search for heaven.
10. get pissed off, and search for las vegas again
11. remember white sands
12. think again about how much I hate suburbia
13. remember cursum perficio from enya and the bats in carlsbad
14. remember how I hated that volvo anyway
15. think about how to get even
with amber who thinks its funny
how I have been duped when she
preys on men like an animal.
16. search for the cocteau twins.
17. decide "pearly dew drops drop"
isn't mean enough.
18. finally settle on "heaven or las vegas"
19. blog it.
20. but have to do something cool before I watch it.
21. finish work. go back to the blog.
22. watch the clip.
23. salivate.