Nine Inch Nails

Here is a question you get all the time. Is there a god? Does god exist? Do you believe in God?

I dreamt last night I looked up at the night sky and I saw part of the milky way. I was on a lake shore with friends. The stars were bright and blue. There was a warmth to our companionship. And there was a band across the sky and I could look and see the center of the galaxy. It was a warm moment, but the sky was so clear. I woke up.

Spend time wondering about the question. Do you ever look up at the stars? Do that for questions sometimes. Just the question alone might be worth it. Is god real? Is that the question?

All you have to do , to destroy the most beautiful theory is bring up one ugly fact. I was there on the dark shore looking up at the most beautiful thing I could ever imagine. And yet somewhere I knew stars are disappearing at the center of our galaxy - I knew that, at the center. Is the beast. A black hole with a radius the size of the distance of jupiter, to our sun. A maelstrom.

Yet it was sort of like being close to someone, and yet far away. Like predator and prey. Like that line from the film "The Thin Red Line".

Is our entire universe designed so that a biological plaque covering a tiny, blue rock spinning around a third rate star in the outer arm of a minor galactic ball, ... be able to figure it all out?

Lets depart from the idea of being a single cell in the sea. I usually like to pin my reference point there, but they're an awful band. Heh heh. Lets talk Faith, brothers and Sisters! Can I get an Amen. The power of the group, say an entire faith. Don't be a single cell. Be a strip of actin and myosin fibrils- 200,000 cells . Be! Excellent to each other! Party on, Dudes!

Even then, do you think they'd be able to figure out if something was happening to them. Do the cells within you, wonder what you are?

What if a Nail was being driven through them? Lets go down to their level. It works for kids. It should work for this.

No eyes. No ears. No mouth. No head. No pearly gates. No thorny crown. Only darkness. ... but like that biolumescence that shines in the southern night ... they will be able to communicate ..different cells.. but they might possibly share an experience that by its definition defeats description. Don't just assum that they won't know something is going on. They will make an observation.

Even a perfect observation is in some sense touching the observed. Maybe they can feel this as well. After all this is atomic reality; we know for certain that the schroedinger wave form collapses on observation. We can disagree as to whether its multiple worlds before it does, but it does collapse. Waves are particles at this level of reality, and particles are waves. Tasty.

Opera can take your breath away. I remember the Diva from the Fifth Element (She is singing a song called "The Mad Song"). You can hear opera when you're looking in the mirror, or into the face of a newborn child. It doesn't matter. It will be there waiting for you. It might just be a song you hear, as well. It might be something else... it might be a dream..

Say, again, we are on this shore, the saline sea. Companionship and warmth are a part of it. We're in the dark. And I look up and the sky , so brilliant and dark - breaks open .. it is amber bound by a dark band ...

Then the nail ruptures the skin and the band gets darker until it becomes a single black point. The distant sound of a hammer striking metal, like a dull thud, sweeps through the dust, spinning stars into bright being. The nail fragments bone and splinters wood into us. We feel it happening over what seems like lifetimes. So back to the question. Would you still ask it? Is God Real? I think the reality of it would not be the question.

Weight begins to pull on us, as if the nail itself is holding up the entire universe, but it is tearing. Rending itself into us.

The question is: Is love a decision?

You're specialized, remember. Like actin and myosin (The stuff that makes up muscles, ratchet like). You have a complement. If she was torn away from you - would you ask "why me?" ... or would you just ask.. "why". And would you care about her, as much as you cared about yourself?

Men are like Microwave ovens and women are like chefs sometimes. Men are always hungry, women like to enjoy cooking. Complements of...


Franki said…
You are a wild man.
Recognize sorrow as a part of the essence. When there is time, there is sorrow.

We can't rid the world of sorrow,
but we can choose to live in joy.
M@ said…
For the longest time, I suspected you to be either an artificial intelligence program residing on some computer somewhere or a systemic-thinker with a severe case of Asperger's Syndrome.

Yeah, questions for the ages. The analogy to cellular life is good... and I've often thought of myself as but an ant in a colony forming, perhaps, a super-organism.

I wonder sometimes if humanity is conscious on a super-level of which we are unaware, as individual neurons in that giant brain....
After I wrote this I couldn't shake the idea of what a nail would look like driven through the hand of christ if I were inside the hand.

And then I thought of dust. And sound waves sweeped through the dust. As the schwarzchild radius just gets bigger.

We only see a cross section of it.
Spacetime tears.

And the sound waves sweep through the dust.


And then. They die.
And little babies in the right place and the right time.

Just clean up on Frankincense and Myrrh. Its great.

Thanks for noticing.
I have another south pacific Island I have to get back to.

These guys just want their sun back. I am so popular with them.

heh heh

I won't try to rid the world of sorrow but if you ever walk into my office saying you are jesus christ. I would politely ask you to return the next day.

you would hear the sound of hammer and saw in the reception. And the receptionist would show you in.

At my desk would be four nine inch nails. And before you would be a giant crucifix.

I would smile and we could continue the conversation..

"You were saying..?"

The message? Its simple!

When you're in the office today! Smile!

They will wonder what you are up to.

>:) merry christmas Gor