Six Minute Mile

Ok, maybe it was biking 40 miles today but the six minute mile just kicked my f-kin white ass all over the silver comet today. It. hurt. bad. really.really.bad.

Marked off a half mile, hid my bike in the woods and bolted. Had a nice, compact stride about the first tenth of a mile then bang - waves of pain. I battle to .4 then I just kill it off. I was at 2:30 on .4. Walked a bit. Ended up .8 Miles at 6:30.

Not going to try a sub 20 5k until I can get the six min. mile wired. Did ok on bike pace but nothing official yet.

For some reason tho when I Came back from the run my family treated me like a king. They set my plate, got my drink. It was really nice. Everyone wanted to help. I wonder if I actually nice up a bit when I run. It was a nice memorial day, all of us on the porch. Sitting on the bench together.

Gonna have to put down 10 lbs and get in shape. First run in over what, a month and a half?