Tugaloo Triathlon

Just signed up for the Ga. State Championship/ Tugaloo Triathlon. This thing almost always sells out so I'm registering what, six months in advance. Goal here is pretty simple, to do a sub 3 hour triathlon. Its a tough course, try to clear the middle of my age group. Specific goal of 35 on the swim, 1:20 on the bike and 45 on the run. That adds to what - 2:40. So thats going to be fun. The common approach is to leave 30% in the tank on your run so my run goal is gonna be a 30 min 10k pace. Thats a five minute mile. - pretty good idea of how I'm going to do this I think. I'll pound out 15 minute 5k's on the comet. I want to push the back of the leg closed and let it swing less and arc faster like those kenyan dudes. I am fairly convinced the endurance is there, what with the marathon this year - but its down to like, a sub six hour marathon which works out to a pretty high mile - I just wish there was some way to get this kind of pace up without killing yourself. ... running is violent... thinking... ok maybe I am going to go for those orbitals or something to work up for it then do the 5k.

Yep. thats it. I'll reg up for a couple of 5k's too, gonna do the peachtree and definitely post a 45 min. peachtree if I can keep from laughing too hard out there. (ok, maybe not) . Stoked! Alright now that I've sacrified my body..

Next comes the brain. Then tonight, at 11. The soul. (with a party to follow afterwards, isn't this just like grad school). Note to self. Should register for one event before 7/31 so that my USATF ranking gets posted this year - do maybe the one down in Miami I think...

Yep. I'm ready.. >:)


and so .. it begins. i will do two 5k's today , a run out and back to the stables. My daughter will ride her bike. I am frankly not sure which to push, either the first one or the second one. Think I will coast on the second one, tire out the little one and then rest while her lesson goes on and push the second one. Ok goal today:
25 minutes. Thats an 8 minute / mile pace. She'll be biking so she'll be at what, 10 mph - wish I had some kind of snappy converter... so yea that pace will be just this shade of worse.