The kids are alright..

I just blew away two of my best characters in SL. Played them carefully to this point and now they're just toast. Made like, 100 bucks off them that I kept in world and then just burned it in about 10 minutes while I'm barely conscious at 4 am in the morning at the empress casino.

The good news. I didn't get anything into or out of my bank account, I just blew away most of what I had made in there. The bad news: as a scripter, in there, I sometimes need the money to work. I license other peoples software in there.

The word Avatar refers to a sanskrit term meaning 'vessel of god' or 'person who conveys the spirit of god'. What spirit did this worthless avie convey tonight? The downward spiral? Yes. It was fitting that he wore a NIN t-shirt of same name while he completely wrecked everyones finances.

  • 19,592.00 - Returned Forthwith.
  • 3,000 paid as interest equally to the first avie and the bank, kept on exchange
  • 25,000 to be made to his personal account
The avie will henceforth be referred to as 'boy'. In fact, I am thinking that I will maintain that title throughout until he is freed. The avie is now officially enslaved. Here is the plan:
  • Boy will complete an architural project (missions san diego I think) 250. US
  • Boy will complete 100L/ hr in world and maintain a positive 100 per nocte
  • Any such tasks as the others in group Lexie wish executed, shall be done by him

IF anyone is reading this, I apologize in advance - this has to look supremely wierd -

but in Second Life. - it doesn't matter that we get that in the bank or not real world, if I prosper here, it matters not to them. At least putatively, while I am not funding their ventures. What matters instead is if I am capable of now beating down an aspect of my own character that I find disagreeable, and doing so while maintaining my nobility. It is, in the end, a game.

The kids are alright.