The Happy Sundays

My view is directly in back of the priest, on sundays. I see the light catch on his dark robes. Today three guys - a tenor a soprano and a bass just +riffed+ this solo anthem - it was cosmic- no megachurch multimedia backup support just three guys on perfect key - it was amazing. BTW today was the pentecost, which is actually a really big deal for the christian faith - Hallmark seems to be having trouble printing up their "happy pentecost" cards. C+E (christmas and easter) seem to be ok though so two out of three isn't bad I guess. Today was the second to last sermon that the minister will give, I think he sees his church in danger of dying. We gave him a farewell party today. The new pastor is something of a mystery. A black woman in the land of the conservative white man. Nobody knows here. Some Theology doctorate gal. Hope she's as good as the old minister.

My project to do a U2 song for the church came one step closer to reality when today I sold the idea to my daughter. I did however hallucinate doing it while I was up there. I kind of have a love/ hate relationship with choir. I want to do a good job but on the other hand I actually can't sing - I can play guitar, and sort of make a pass at singing but I actually don't know how to sight read all that well at all .. So at any rate, my daughter and I were practicing it in a room somewhere - we're doing verses of the song and she gets annoyed - why do I have to say that I still haven't found what I'm looking for, over and over , dad? Stay right there. I then bolt for the car (yep, I get my running exercise in odd fits and starts but I still get it done) and am back with my iPod - so I say - Here. She turns it on and listens to U2 "Still haven't found what I'm looking for". The Edge (thats his name, man) starts in with that signature riff, and then you hear .. "I have run... I have crawled.. I have scaled these city walls... only to be with you.." ... four from ireland, for that moment - succeeded in bringing my daughter if briefly to the new world of christian existentialism - Soren Kierkegaard would've been proud.

My son, on the other hand was running around with his friend avery alternately pounding him into the ground and getting chased by him all around the west wing of the church. He's sleeping like a baby right now. We went home, did a little SL and then sent the kids and mom out to go run errands while I played some competitive chess (well tried at least).

For the time goals - I had all kinds of stuff to do so I will probably get something done on the dawn patrol tomorrow. Again, its sub-20 5k. I will get around to posting where the pool is off the silver comet as well. And then I will have yet another mind game to play with myself for six months. Did I say that I'm playing with myself? hm...

I hit it pure today. Got maybe 220 yards off the five wood. I invented a great game called "duk duck goose". Works like this. Start off at least 200 yards from a flock of geese. Break out the four iron. Duck, goose! >:) It was a great round until the bastards just waddled out into the middle of the lake defying my southern sensibility to preserve my titleists at all costs. Needless to say, the game was fun otherwise. A solid 5 wood into them, and then followed up with a low topped five iron and a good strong, slight draw on another five iron right at the mark I wanted to hit it.

So I have that going for me .. which is nice..