Knowing that you read this

It's strange
knowing that you read this

You were so much a part of me
and still are

and now I have to make a transition
from you within
to who you really are

I don't remember every atom
or molecule
I'm certain
a few electrons may have escaped

So I am trying
but I wanted you to know
I remember your face
even with my eyes closed

And I am happy
at last
that the dream came

After exhaustion and fatigue released my brain
from its daily work keeping me alive

and pointing me to where I need to go

I'm no different than anyone else
I am guided by the truth of love
and the love of truth

I would never be a man who would cheat
I will find my way to be

By your side

But I have to tell you
Knowing that you read this

I finally had the dream

No, not the one where my best friend dresses up as a woman
The other one

The one where I say

This here's the TV
two hours a day so you don't miss appreciation
of the finer things

and again, the scene at the end
I know you so I know you understand

The old jewish guy prays
for world peace
and truth
each day, in jerusalem

And one day someone asks him, what is it like?
To wish for peace and have war?
To wish for love, and find hate?

He says. It feels like I have been talking to a wall

This is the picture I have
Maybe I am wrong

I do not play the violin
And for all intents and purposes
(since my brother is a lawyer)
No inheritance

Why not, the old jewish guy on the park bench?
Sitting there at the table where people play chess?
Who can say?
After all, If I wear a long black coat?
And a yamulka?
Wouldn't I look just like every other one?

What a long, strange trip it's been

We are uncertain
And this bothers me

but uncertainty diminishes with trust
and trust comes to love
and love walks with peace
(not always, but you get the idea)
peace whispers hope
and hope deals fate
we are on our way
to the stars

Ad astra
Per aspera