And also because you read this..

Even though it's hard to guess

Almost every move I've ever made
has a logical explanation

With the sole exception of loving you
at all costs
and always

This is not to say
that almost every move I've ever made
was dead solid perfect

Simply that there are reasons
for why I'm either right
or wrong

When we were young
Reward drove us on
not part of our writing
or our worldview
we didn't have one

But now we know
that everything we do or say
has consequences
how we raise children
how we love
how we live our lives

All of these things add up
for lack of a better word
they are karma

and also, because you read this
you know

that there is good and bad karma
and paranoia

and there are scars that never healed right
and wounds that are desperately trying

but because we're grown up
sometimes, just for spite
we don't let them

maybe it's because we are compromised
or stop growing

it doesn't really matter why

what matters most is to realize
some things are not real
and some things we need to heal

but there is nothing we can take
that lets us forgive
or helps us forget

without cutting off our nose to spite our face

honesty has merit
and what we've done so far is great
but let's face it

we can do better
and we will




now enough of talking about how you read this
I will return to you, girl interrupted
vade mecum

and I can see you again
with my eyes closed

because, yes, I could be wrong
maybe it's impossible to wish you enough
sounds strange, doesn't it?
coming from a romantic..

to try and gauge just how far we are willing to go
to become the person
my dog thinks that you already are

at least we know
that we're at least as good as (at least one of) my cat(s)
thinks that we would taste
were we to fall, and hit our head

and lay there
after all.
why let all of it go to waste? (meow)

So this is the last "because you read this"
all of which adds up to say

I remember what I owe you
and plan to repay

Keep the faith


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