I had a dream

We were all in school
still I can't escape the ghost of you

A place in the woods
where concerts
and picnics
play on the hills between trees tall

And then the men in white and black came
and they hurt us all

Broken heart

I sang
The ode to joy

Oh Freunde

feigned interest
in civilized evil
and lies

And then
opened my eyes

and the cold of night
wove its way into the quiet

I wanted to hold your hand
and tell you

That I would give my life

For you
and that I loved you

And that love means
doing everything

You can

And that it means sometimes
giving you the freedom
to do everything

You can

There's no point in sorrow
when something is hunting you

If it catches me
it won't just kill me

It will eat me.

I had a dream.
That I survived.

and you healed.